Nursery Groups

The nursery is owned and run by a qualified and experienced teacher alongside experienced and caring nursery nurses, who are there to ensure your child's individual needs are met.

The babies are based in one room, to ensure that they feel secure in a homely cosy environment. A separate sleep room which is monitored, ensures babies get an undisturbed, restful sleep. For our youngest babies, a monitor detects their breathing and tiniest movements every 20 seconds, to ensure total peace of mind.

For those children who are slightly older, the toddler unit has been designed specifically to meet the growing and active needs of this age group. With increasing mobility and a desire to develop independence, the children have a main play room and a separate craft room. The activities in both rooms are changed in the morning and afternoon to keep the toddlers fully occupied. After all the activity, a separate sleep room provides a quiet place to "re-charge those batteries!"

The 2 to 4 year olds are based downstairs, where they have access to three play rooms, all of which contain different activities to keep even the most active child fully occupied. The children will be able to enjoy painting, construction toys, imaginative play, sand, water, outdoor play, to name but a few.

What ever age your child is, you can be assured that the toys and activities offered in the nursery are carefully chosen to encourage all round development and are tailored to the needs of your child.