Pre School
at Chuckle Bunnies (Swadlincote)

Choosing a Preschool for your little one can be a very difficult decision.

We understand that as a parent you need to be absolutely confident about your choice of Preschool.

We understand that you will want the very highest standards of care and education for your child whilst they attend Preschool.

We are also sure that when you leave your child at Preschool you will want to have total peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your child's needs and requirements are being met in a homely and caring environment.

The Preschool at Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery provides you and your child with all that and more! But don't just take our word for it - come and see for yourself the Chuckle Bunnies difference.

Of course your child will learn through play and yes the Preschool follows the latest version of the EYFS (all settings whether they be schools, childminders, playgroups or other preschools do by law).

Yes, just like everyone else the Preschool at Chuckle Bunnies uses the 7 areas of learning and development.

The 7 Areas are split into 2 main areas - "Prime" and "Specific".

The "Prime" areas are "Communication and Language", Physical Development" and "Person, social and emotional development"

The "Specific" areas are "Literacy", "Mathematics", Understanding the World" and "Expressive Arts and Design".

We could go into lots of detail if you'd like and we almost did on this website - but we didn't really feel that just repeating things from the regulations and text books would really help you choose. Though some of the psychobabble around can seem very impressive (especially when supported by a lot of graphs.)

When you tour the Pre-school with your child we will of course be more than willing to go into as much detail about the theories of childcare as you'd like (including schemas, sustained shared thinking, meta cognition, leuven scales etc) and more importantly what to do in practical situations.

Equally - it's great that the person at the top is well qualified and knowledgeable - however, the one person at the "Top" isn't the one who will be playing with your child all day.

All the Preschool staff at Chuckle Bunnies, who will be with your child all day are all very knowledgeable and what's more are proud that they do actually put what they've learned into practise every day.

Some Preschools seem to have all the "bells and whistles"; the computer systems linked up to the internet and providing you with input via email. With some systems you can even make comments on your child's record whilst having a coffee at work - whether anyone at the nursery ever reads them - who knows.

At Chuckle Bunnies we have our own systems, built over many years. In-house. We looked at what was on offer but the systems do not meet what we see as the requirements. Also to be honest a simple paper system is far better at times than a flash all singing and all dancing internet computer system! Mind you when we were reviewing the systems we did notice that they come with a very comprehensive set of policies and procedures which each provider can badge as their own! All of our policies and procedures have been developed over 20 years of experience and used to train all the staff. They did look impressive though and we can see the temptation for less confident providers.

We do have "back office" computer systems - but these are soley designed to support the staff in developing and supporting your child. The staff actually use the systems and review a child's progress every 2 weeks not just the once or twice a term at school or at some Pre-schools.

But again none of this helps you to choose a preschool - does it?

So what does? We suggest that you visit all of the local preschools and compare. Take your child with you and see how they settle. If they seem to settle and get right down to the business of playing then you're probably onto a winner.

See if your child is happy to be left whilst you look around. If they are then again you may be onto a winner.

If they don't settle or seem unhappy to be left then how will they be in a position to learn anything - to develop?

Listen. Feel. You'll know what your female (or male) intuition is saying. You can tell whether your child likes what they are experiencing. You could even ask them.

Even on the tour listen to how the staff are helping your little one learn and develop (assuming they do of course)

Ask lots of questions. But not just of the person showing you around - of course they are going to know what they are talking about - or at least you'd hope they do. But ask the staff in the rooms some questions about how they develop and teach children. See how you feel they answer. You'll know what feels right.

Chuckle Bunnies preschool has had a regular number of children who have started the reading scheme and indeed exceeded the Early Learning Goals expected to be achieved by most children by the time they enter Year 1 at school.

But ... nothing on any website can help you to choose the right preschool for you and your child. All the settings will say they do the same things and offer quality. We are no different in that respect.

However, there is a difference. The "Chuckle Bunnies difference" and we feel you will know it when you experience it. But the only way to experience it is come and have a tour and see for yourself.

Call 01283 552711 to arrange your no obligation tour of the nursery
or enquire using our online form.

During 2006/2007 Ofsted visited the nursery to inspect the quality and judged the nursery to be Outstanding in all areas. (The highest possible grade).
This gave Chuckle Bunnies the honour of being the very 1st nursery in the local area to be judged as Outstanding in all areas.

During 2011/2012 Ofsted visited and judged the nursery to be Outstanding in every area
(The highest possible grade).

During 2012/2013 Ofsted visited and judged the nursery to be Outstanding in every area
(The highest possible grade).

Chuckle Bunnies has now gained the Outstanding grade 3 times!
(Still the only nursery locally to have achieved this!)
You can be assured your child will get the very best care and education available both locally and nationally whilst at Chuckle Bunnies!

At Chuckle Bunnies preschool we have found that parents who visit us soon realise why we have gained outstanding so many times.
(Please be aware that your child may settle surprisingly quickly and
may not want to leave the Preschool once they visit!)

... So why not ring on 01283 552711 to arrange your no obligation tour of the Preschool?
(to experience things for yourself)
or enquire using our online form.

PS. Don't forget to ask about our unique no quibble guarantee.