Parents' Thoughts

"Returning to work full time was not as easy as I thought it would be ... a friend suggested Chuckle Bunnies & from my initial phone call, Chuckle Bunnies transformed everything. The staff are superb. We've never looked back - our son is happy and thriving."
Mrs H. Jones

"The children are well looked after and very happy there. Our daughter has benefited from the educational & social interaction that Chuckle Bunnies has given her."
Mrs Whetton

"I originally chose this nursery because it had a very homely feel as well as friendly and caring staff. When my daughter leaves I know she will be upset. She adores it there and so do I."
Mrs C.Brabbin

"I have in the past never been happy with the standard of nursery care provided at other nursery schools, I am very particular about my child's needs. I have to say without a doubt that Chuckle Bunnies have taken care of my child better that I could have wished. I would recommend the nursery to every one with young children."
P. Gilmore

"Chuckle Bunnies is great! They made me feel at ease about leaving my 4 month old with them for the first time. The staff are always polite and will never see you struggle. I would recommend the nursery to any one."
Ms Hodgkinson

"Leaving your child with people you don't know for the first time is very daunting, however, on visiting Chuckle Bunnies my mind was put at rest knowing that the nursery nurses do genuinely care and understand your concerns - they have time for you and your child."
T. Barrett

"The staff have worked hard to gain the confidence and trust of our daughter, giving us peace of mind to leave her in their care."
Mr & Mrs Dickinson

"Our child is a happy, well rounded individual who has benefited from the care and stimulation provided by the nursery. Our eldest child had a flying start at school due to the preparation provided by Chuckle Bunnies."
Ms Tolson

"From day one, I felt confident leaving my daughter. The staff made me feel that my little girl was special to them and I had no qualms about leaving her. She thoroughly enjoys her time at Chuckle Bunnies and a happy baby certainly means happy parents."
Mrs N. Carrington

The above quotes are taken from questionnaires completed by parents at the nursery as part of our normal customer service checks.