Your child will be given individual care and attention appropriate to their needs. The babies under 1 year old have their own play room where they can play safely together with a separate, monitored sleep room where they can rest in peace and quiet. The 1 to 2 year olds also have their own area, specifically designed to meet the needs of their active and enquiring minds. To ensure that your child receives individual attention the following ratios are always adhered to (even over lunch time):

0 to 12 months 1 carer for every 2 children
12 to 24 months 1 carer for every 3 children
2 to 3 years 1 carer for every 4 children
3 to 8 years 1 carer for every 8 children

Parental peace of mind is top priority. Closed circuit television and individual passwords make it impossible for unauthorised people to enter the building and collect your child.

All radiators, electrical sockets and panes of glass within the reach of children are protected.

In areas of the nursery where vinyl is appropriate, we have used safety, non-slip vinyl rather than the normal domestic variety so that even when the floor is wet, your child will not be at risk of slipping.

The large garden at the back of the nursery is totally enclosed to ensure that your child can play safely at all times.